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canada-book-awards-winner-canadian-ebooks-books-award-2021Join me on the Nikki Clarke Show we discussed the latest book Bushyhead. Learn what inspired me to write this book on curly hair and the lessons I hope to instil in readers.

The Nikki Clarke Show is a talk show featuring celebrity interviews, discussion of hot topics, live musical performances and is hosted by network founder and producer, Nikki Clarke.

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How to Master Relationships and Gain More Peace

There I was in the restroom/washroom at a restaurant washing my hands and an inebriated woman handed me a paper towel. “Thank you, but I can get my own,” I said smiling, because after all, we are in a pandemic and I have been known to be a little…

Cinderella and other fairy tales almost ruined me

Cinderella and Other Fairy Tales Almost Ruined Me One day in my early twenties I was driving in Kingston, Jamaica with my father. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed that day; life was not going the way I thought it should and I was morose. I turned…

Why I Wrote Bushyhead

Bushyhead is available on Amazon Our youngest daughter Meadow has the most glorious head of hair. It got curlier and bushier as she got older, and had a will of its own. We were going to make sure she loved her hair. It was going to be different…
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