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canada-book-awards-winner-canadian-ebooks-books-award-2021Join me on the Nikki Clarke Show we discussed the latest book Bushyhead. Learn what inspired me to write this book on curly hair and the lessons I hope to instil in readers.

The Nikki Clarke Show is a talk show featuring celebrity interviews, discussion of hot topics, live musical performances and is hosted by network founder and producer, Nikki Clarke.

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Cinderella and other fairy tales almost ruined me

Cinderella and Other Fairy Tales Almost Ruined Me One day in my early twenties I was driving in Kingston, Jamaica with my father. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed that day; life was not going the way I thought it should and I was morose. I turned…

Why I Wrote Bushyhead

Bushyhead is available on Amazon Our youngest daughter Meadow has the most glorious head of hair. It got curlier and bushier as she got older, and had a will of its own. We were going to make sure she loved her hair. It was going to be different…

You Can Always Go Another 20 Minutes

We need people to get us up and down the mountain, literally and figuratively.  In November 2019, I went to Arizona with my son’s baseball team. We were new members. The coach said that before the game, we’d do some sightseeing. We were going…
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