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canada-book-awards-winner-canadian-ebooks-books-award-2021Join me on the Nikki Clarke Show we discussed the latest book Bushyhead. Learn what inspired me to write this book on curly hair and the lessons I hope to instil in readers.

The Nikki Clarke Show is a talk show featuring celebrity interviews, discussion of hot topics, live musical performances and is hosted by network founder and producer, Nikki Clarke.

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Mindset and Success

Photo credit:Tim Mossholder, Unsplash Have you ever wondered why some people are successful, achieving all the goals they set for themselves, while others flounder by starting and stopping? Or why some become paralyzed with fear, unable to take the…

Bias and the Durag

My son Liam, age 15 My son Liam came back from the barber one day and asked me to buy him a durag. "A do what?" I asked. He googled a picture and showed me. The barber had recommended it for his new haircut to create and protect his waves.…

How to Master Relationships and Gain More Peace

There I was in the restroom/washroom at a restaurant washing my hands and an inebriated woman handed me a paper towel. “Thank you, but I can get my own,” I said smiling, because after all, we are in a pandemic and I have been known to be a little…
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