About Peta-Gaye Nash

I never imagined myself as a children’s author. I started writing stories after I had children. I am the eldest of three girls but my mom says I still act like I’m 6. My stories all have important messages like road safety, being yourself and the importance of education. The inspiration comes from life experiences because there’s a lesson to be learned from everything. I wrote my first children’s story Don’t Take Raja to School in 2003 but I put it at the back of my closet because the story didn’t have a happy ending. Six years later, the story got its happy ending and my first children’s book was published. It was inspired by my daughter Jade and her stuffed animal Raja. The other three books are inspired and written about experiences with my other three children, Reine, Liam and Meadow. I was born in Jamaica and I’ve also lived in the United States and Norway.  Now I call Canada home, along with my husband and four children.  In 2015, I won the Marty Awards for Emerging Literary Art and in 2013, got an honorable mention for the same award. I teach English as a Second Language during the day and write at night.

Interesting Facts About Me

  • I love candy and bubble gum, especially Hubba Bubba. My mom said my teeth were going to fall out by the time I’m 40. I’m past 40 and I still have all my teeth
  • I love to play pranks. Once I called my mother and put on a fake voice. I told her she won a car and she believed me. She tells me to stop joking around so much because it’s annoying
  • My friends try to prank me to get back at me for pranking them. Even my boss tries
  • I love toy stores, book stores and candy stores
  • After university, I bought a backpack and travelled around the world for two years. My dad was worried I’d never grow up and get a real job
  • I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes I laugh out loud in public and I can make myself cry by thinking about something sad
  • The best part of my life is having kids
  • I don’t think it’s necessary to grow up. I want to see the world from the eyes of a child for as long as possible. I want to be amazed by what I see, being serious is boring
  • I worry a lot but I try hard not to. When I was a child, my grandmother called me a Worrywart. I try to help my kids when they worry
  • I believe it’s so important to be yourself, to accept yourself and love yourself




Peta-Gaye Nash