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Mindset and Success

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful, achieving all the goals they set for themselves, while others flounder by starting and stopping? Or why some become paralyzed with fear, unable to take the risks that could completely change their lives for the better? How do some people stay positive and focused in the […]

Bias and the Durag

My son Liam came back from the barber one day and asked me to buy him a durag. “A do what?” I asked. He googled a picture and showed me. The barber had recommended it for his new haircut to create and protect his waves. I hesitated. Where I grew up, I didn’t see durags. […]

How to Master Relationships and Gain More Peace

There I was in the restroom/washroom at a restaurant washing my hands and an inebriated woman handed me a paper towel. “Thank you, but I can get my own,” I said smiling, because after all, we are in a pandemic and I have been known to be a little anal over not getting Covid. She […]

Why I Wrote Bushyhead

Our youngest daughter Meadow has the most glorious head of hair. It got curlier and bushier as she got older, and had a will of its own. We were going to make sure she loved her hair. It was going to be different from my own childhood where society made me feel that my curly […]

You Can Always Go Another 20 Minutes

We need people to get us up and down the mountain, literally and figuratively.  In November 2019, I went to Arizona with my son’s baseball team. We were new members. The coach said that before the game, we’d do some sightseeing. We were going on a little hike to Camelback Mountain. This is an important […]

Miracle Message

It was New Year’s Day: January 1, 2020. I hadn’t yet heard of the coronavirus. My hubby and I went for a walk by the lake. The day was cold but sunny and bright. “I need more quiet time,” I told my husband. “I think that’s what is missing from my life.” Life seemed to […]

Perils of Perfectionism

When people ask me if I’ve been writing lately, I mumble something about not having time because of the demands of a job, children and home. That’s a much easier answer than the truth, which is that I suffer from the debilitating, paralyzing disease of perfectionism. Perfectionism is not so much the desire to be […]