“Please God, DON’T let it be a Jamaican.”

Every time I hear of a murder, a stabbing or a drug bust, I think to myself, “Please God, don’t let it be a Jamaican.” It turns out I’m not alone. Other Jamaicans feel this way and one prosperous Jamaican spoke up about it, hence a feature in the Toronto Star a few weekends ago.  The star featured the kind of Jamaicans most of us are – the good kind – hardworking, actively involved in our communities and committed to prospering in our new home. It was great to read about so many upstanding Jamaican-Canadians who never or rarely make the news. Jamaicans are tired of being stereotyped as murderous gun-toting criminals because one bad apple spoilt the barrel. Several years ago on a visit to Cuba, my mom met a Canadian couple who said outright, that it’s Jamaicans who have ruined Toronto (and we thought Canadians were so polite). I hope this Canadian couple read the Toronto Star.