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When I tell my daughter how I feel

People used to tell me that parenting a teenager is hard but what I find really hard is when there is a large age gap where one child is a teenager and the other is just starting school. Although the illustration of the mother in my newest children’s book ‘Is Reine Still Sleeping?’ looks quite tranquil, the reality is I’m constantly frazzled trying to balance the needs of my children’s different ages. This book is about a little boy trying to come to terms with the fact that his older sister by ten years is a teenager and no longer has time for him. He’s hurt and he feels she no longer loves him. It’s hard for me as a mother too, to see my teenaged daughter pulling away from us. I have to consciously remember how it was when I was a teenager. Friends were the most important people to me at that time. I know this seemingly selfish phase doesn’t last but still, communication is so important. Just as in my book when the little boy tells his sister how he feels, when I tell my daughter how I feel, it’s the start of a much needed dialogue, and we realize that we still need each other as much as ever.