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Peta-Gaye Nash will be presenting a special reading of her most recent book Juliet Magnificent on February 18th, 2017 (2-4pm).

This fun-filled creative and educational event is a perfect way to spend part of you Saturday afternoon with the kids and the entire family. 

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Set Fulfilling Goals for 2017

I have a New Year’s tradition where I write my goals for the new year on a paper plate. The hope is that I won’t discard the plate; I’ll keep looking at my goals and making progress toward whatever it is I desire. Sometimes, I achieve my goals and…

Many Excuses

I met a woman the other day. Let’s call her Dana. “What do you want to do most?” she asked. “To focus on my writing,” I said. “So what’s stopping you?” “Life,” I answered. “My job, my kids, housework, you know, life.” She…

That Flipping Phone

My friend, let’s call him Graham, came home early expecting to see his son. His son, 10 years old, had started walking home recently so Graham had given him a phone. Three o’clock went by, then four. There was no sign of his son who was supposed to…