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That Flipping Phone

My friend, let’s call him Graham, came home early expecting to see his son. His son, 10 years old, had started walking home recently so Graham had given him a phone. Three o’clock went by, then four. There was no sign of his son who was supposed to…

The Art of Listening

Ever since my grandmother passed away, I’ve not blogged nor done any creative writing. She played such a big part in my life and as I go about life again, I find myself thinking, “what would Grandma Mavis have done in this situation?” Grandma had…

Letter to My Father’s Ex Girlfriend

Dear G, There we were, one summer afternoon in the countryside near the ocean having lunch, you, me, my boyfriend (ex) and my dad. I’d just returned from travelling the world, a two year backpacking trip that left my parents wondering if I’d ever…

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Public Reading – All Books

Peta-Gaye Nash and The Red Bench Project are presenting a special reading of all her books on February 27th, 2016 (1-3pm).

This fun-filled creative and educational event is a perfect way to spend part of you Saturday afternoon with the kids and the entire family.